3 Health Reasons to Replace Missing Teeth and Lift Your Smile

One of the first things others will notice in you is your expressions and your smile. Often, your professional success, social life, and self-confidence can depend on it. 

So, looking after your oral health and dental hygiene is the first step to regain a healthy smile and appearance. Below are some reasons why replacing missing teeth is so crucial that some solutions can be the right ones for you.

A Healthy Smile Can Increase Your Self-Confidence

Self-confidence can depend greatly on the health and look of your smile. Indeed, we are conscious that our smile is the first thing that new acquaintances will notice in us. 

Therefore, having missing teeth can terribly impact on the way you present or introduce yourself. In turn, this can impact on your ability to conduct a happy and fulfilling professional and social life. 

Finding a health-conscious, cosmetic dentist can help you determine what is the best solution to restore your oral health – and make it look natural!

Your Dental Hygiene Can Say a Lot About You

Aside from impacting your self-confidence, you should keep in mind that missing teeth and poor oral health can say a lot about you. While you might have a missing tooth due to an accident, this feature can transmit the wrong message to others. 

Indeed, you might look scruffy or pass as a person who does not dedicate enough attention and care to their health and appearance. While this is not about being too much into their look, it has been seen that a healthier self-presentation is often linked to better relationships and fulfilling social life!

Looking After Your Oral Health Can Improve Your General Health

Aside from ruining your look and impacting on your appearance, a missing tooth can cause severe health consequences nobody should ignore. Here are the most common ones:

  • Alteration of facial features
  • Change of facial and dental structure
  • Reduced mouth functions
  • Poor support to surrounding teeth and gums
  • It can make it more challenging to keep up with your oral and dental hygiene routine.

Replacing the missing tooth can help you protect your other teeth from decay and illness. However, you will also be able to enjoy increased mouth functions and better oral health. Generally, this intervention can help you regain the beautiful smile you gave for lost a long time ago. 

Finding a Solution that Works For You

Not all solutions are best for everybody. Sometimes, interventions like braces can be an easy-to-implement solution to straighten your teeth and bring them closer together. However, for more natural results, you should consider dental implants. 

These are semi-permanent solutions that can help you feel more confident and happy with your look for years to come. 

One of the main advantages of this choice is that thanks to today’s technology, you can pick implants that fit the color and look of your smile to make the implant look as natural and fitting as possible!

Speak to your cosmetic dentist to find the best solution for your needs and discover the most suitable alternatives for your facial and dental structure!

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