5 Myths About Root Canal Procedures

A lot of people are fearful at the prospect of having a root canal procedure carried out. And a large part of the reason why that’s the case is myths and misinformation. A lot of people simply have the wrong idea about root canal procedures.

So, what’s true and what’s false? To help clear things up a little, we’re going to discuss 5 myths about root canal procedures and why they don’t hold much truth. So read on and learn more.

  1. Root Canals Are Painful

The first myth to deal with is about how painful root canal procedures are perceived to be. The truth is, they’re not any more painful than other dental procedures. That’s because local anaesthetic is used, meaning the feeling in the area where the procedure is carried out will be completely numb. The pain that would be associated with an infected tooth would be far worse.

  1. Tooth Extraction is a Better Option

It’s always better to save the natural tooth and to not let it get infected. That’s why you should be careful not to fall into the trap of thinking that tooth extraction is a better option. In most cases, it’s not. And if it is, you can rely on a trusted dentist to give you that advice. They’ll never recommend a procedure that’s not needed.

  1. Root Canals Cause Other Illnesses

Some people mistakenly believe that root canal procedures can lead to other illnesses in the body, but there’s no reason to think this and there’s no research to suggest it’s the case. However, it is known for a fact that failing to treat infections in the teeth can lead to some very serious health complications that can’t be ignored. So if you need a root canal procedure carried out, don’t waste time.

  1. The Recovery is Painless

Unfortunately, it’s not necessarily true that the recovery process will be completely pain free. As we discussed above, the procedure itself is painless due to the anaesthetic that’s used. However, there’s likely to be a little discomfort in the days following the procedure. However, your dentist will recommend painkillers to use if you do experience this.

  1. You Only Need Root Canals if You’re in Serious Pain

It’s not true that root canal procedures are only carried out on people in serious pain. It’s often the case that people who have root canals carried out are in pain, but ideally, the procedure should be carried out early as a way to avoid the pain. The sooner it’s dealt with, the less serious the infection will have the chance to become and the less painful it is for the patient.

If you want to find out whether root canals might be right for you and your situation, get in touch with Rose Dental Nashua today and we’ll be able to assess your needs. Our dentists will be more than happy to carry out an examination and help you with the next steps when it comes to finding the right treatment.

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