5 Myths About Root Canals

Even the mere thought of the words ‘root canal’ is enough to send a shiver down the spine of many. With most television shows portraying the procedure as nothing short of torture, there’s a huge fear around having to pursue root canal surgery – but many of the ‘facts’ that encourage such fear are actually unreliable myths. Here are 5 of the most common myths about root canals, debunked for your peace of mind:

Myth #1 – Root Canals Are Extremely Painful 

This is the one of the most talked about myths that surround root canal procedures, as a massive percentage of the population is under the impression that getting such a surgery can be a dire experience. In fact, this couldn’t be further than the truth, as root canal surgery exists to relieve pain, not cause it! Your surgeon has the knowledge, experience and equipment necessary to remove the source of your discomfort without causing an excess of pain, relieving your symptoms in no time at all. 

Myth #2 – Removing A Tooth Is A Better Solution

Removing a tooth should always be a last resort, as treating the problem directly can often provide the relief you are searching for. There is no man made alternative that will function quite like your teeth, so maintaining a full set for as long as possible should be your main advantage. Getting root canal surgery can help to resolve your issues and allow you to keep your original tooth, and prevent the need for dentures or implants.

Myth #3 – Root Canals Often Lead To Infections 

Though it is possible for an infection to spread after any kind of surgery, root canals do not encourage or attract infections. The specialist dentistry materials that are now used to pack out a tooth after a root canal has taken place have been specifically designed and manufactured to reduce the likelihood of an infection causing further discomfort. 

Myth #4 – Root Canal Treatment Is Only For Painful Teeth

It is common for a tooth infection to become so intense that the tooth itself dies, meaning that you might not be feeling pain or discomfort (or anything at all). However, even though you cannot feel the infection, it is still more than present in your mouth and is continuing to damage your teeth and the surrounding bone structure too. Attending regular dental examinations is an important step to take to maintain a healthy mouth, as this will allow you to detect any signs of infection before the situation gets out of hand, whether you can feel the pain or not. 

Myth #5 – Root Canals Take Several Visits

Many people feel as though they do not have the time for root canal surgery, as they believe it can take several visits to complete. This is not the truth, as root canal can easily take place in just a couple of hours! The severity of your condition does have an influence over the time it takes to complete your appointment, as worse infections will take longer to solve.

When you experience any of the above issues, or a less common problem, Rose Dental Nashua will find a way to restore your smile in style.

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