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CT scanner provides 3-D anatomical images to dentists and specialists to enhance the quality of care and to increase the predictability of treatment outcomes. As patients increasingly require more sophisticated and immediate procedures, our advanced and state-of-the-art CT imaging system, called i-CAT, offers a fast and convenient solution with superior quality. The i-CAT dental image system allows your dentists at Rose Dental to uncover anatomically true information for dental implant and oral surgery. Areas such as sinuses, airway passages, the relationships between the teeth and jaw structure along with the temporomandibular joints can be visualized and measured accurately. This would be impossible to do with traditional x-ray panoramic or cephalometric radiographs.

The benefits of using our in-office CT scanner:

  • Accurate – Superior 3-D image improves diagnosis and treatment planning, which ultimately enhance the predictability of treatment outcomes.
  • Convenient – No need to make appointment in hospital or radiograph clinics. No hardship in commuting and communication between different clinics.
  • Fast and Comfortable – It takes about 20 seconds for each scan and patient is seated comfortably in an open environment.
  • Lower Dosage – Significantly less radiation than a medical CT scan.
  • Lower Cost – Patients pay a discounted price in comparison to other CT centers.

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