Are Dental Implants Affordable for Me?

The idea of getting dental implants is an exciting one, especially if you’ve been struggling with your teeth and want a permanent solution for replacements. But while people realize that dental implants are often an ideal solution, many often wonder if they’re an affordable one. Today, therefore, we’re going to discuss the different factors that can impact the cost of implants to give you a better idea of possible pricing.

Factor One: The Number of Replacements

If you’re missing just one or two teeth and want implants to replace those teeth, then the cost will be measurably lower than if you wanted to replace many or most of your teeth. That said, however, it’s important to realize that replacing all of your teeth with a process called all-on-4 or all-on-6 can actually be more affordable than replacing several teeth because the process requires less time, fewer implants, and fewer resources.

Factor Two: Do Any Natural Teeth Have to Come Out?

You can’t put in an implant and replacement tooth if there’s still a natural tooth in the way, so if you want to replace an existing tooth with an implant, then you’ll also have to pay for the extraction.

Factor Three: What’s Your Jaw Like?  

Every face, jaw, and mouth is unique, and depending on the configuration of your mouth and teeth, the dentist may need to be more precise, put in more effort, and perform more adjustments with your implants to ensure they look as natural as possible.

Factor Four: Mouth Health

To be a good candidate for dental implants, you have to have enough bone density to support the implants and have healthy gums. Therefore, you may need to pay for extra services to increase your bone density or treat gum infections before you can be eligible for implants, and this will be an additional cost.

Get Quotes to Determine if Implants Are Affordable

Knowing what factors will impact the cost of your dental implants is an important starting point, but a dentist can give you a real idea of the cost after examining your mouth. You can shop around for prices with different dentists, but be aware that the examinations and consultations won’t be free. However, getting quotes and looking for a dentist that can provide excellent work and an affordable quote could save you thousands on the actual procedure.

Dental implants are a permanent and individualized solution to tooth loss, and this means every case will be different. As such, no two dental implant procedures will ever cost the same because the price will depend on factors like how many implants, potential extractions, how much time and precision is required to get your teeth looking natural, and your current oral health. However, dental implants are often an affordable solution for many people, especially when you consider that they’re a permanent solution for lost teeth that can keep your mouth healthy and your smile natural for years to come.

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