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Why Is A Dental Health Checkup So Important?

By Rose Dental, Nashua, NH | Oct 29, 2019

Everybody appreciates the benefits of a winning smile, but millions of Americans are still guilty of overlooking the need for regular dental checkups. Visiting the dentist every 6-12 months isn’t only for children. It is a process that you should follow for life. The dental health checkup is split into two main areas, examinations and…

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Why Doesn’t My Crowned Tooth Last Forever?

By Rose Dental, Nashua, NH | Sep 23, 2019

There are many different dental treatments and procedures that are available for people today. However, there is no denying that crowns are some of the most frequent dental services that individuals have. Millions of people across the globe have crowns in their mouth that they have received from a cosmetic dentist. With that being said,…

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How Are Dental Implants Beneficial Over Dentures?

By Rose Dental, Nashua, NH | Sep 9, 2019

People who have experienced tooth loss will naturally want to know what options are available for replacement teeth, and two of the options they often end up comparing are dental implants and dentures. While both of these methods provide replacements for lost teeth, they’re very different in terms of cost, look, feel, suitability, and more.  …

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Reasons You Might Need to Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

By Rose Dental, Nashua, NH | Aug 20, 2019

Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars someone gets, and they usually grow in during the late teens or early twenties. Unlike other teeth, however, wisdom teeth can be pretty unpredictable, and while some people will have all four, others may have one, two, three, or even none grow in. Moreover, wisdom teeth also…

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Replacing Missing Teeth Will Benefit Your Appearance and Your Oral Health

By Rose Dental, Nashua, NH | Aug 6, 2019

If you’re missing one or more teeth because of decay, extraction, injury, or another reason, then it’s important to address the situation. In fact, replacing missing teeth can have a positive impact on your health and your appearance, while ignoring the problem can lead to poor oral health and a changing appearance.  You’ll Have Your…

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eating disorders & gum disease

Eating Disorders and Dental Health

By Rose Dental, Nashua, NH | Jul 22, 2019

Eating disorders affect some 30 million people across the U.S. today, and they can be the cause of serious health issues including dental problems.   When it comes to recovery, early detection and management of eating disorders are crucial for overall mental and physical well-being. But if there’s been damage to the teeth, it’s possible to…

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Gingivitis & Gum Disease

Good Oral Hygiene Reduces Your Risk of Developing Gum Disease

By Rose Dental, Nashua, NH | Jul 8, 2019

You’ve heard it your whole life: brush twice a day, floss every day, and visit the dentist regularly. Those are the basics of great oral hygiene, and we all know how important it is to keep your teeth clean. Further, you know that not taking care of your teeth will result in cavities, but did…

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your smile matters

Why Making Time for Your Smile Matters

By Rose Dental, Nashua, NH | Jun 17, 2019

Your smile is one of the primary features that people see when they first meet you and is a huge part of that first impression with your date or your new colleague. In fact, according to one survey, some 48 percent of people believe that another person’s smile is what they remember most about that…

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affordable dental implants

Are Dental Implants Affordable for Me?

By Rose Dental, Nashua, NH | Jun 3, 2019

The idea of getting dental implants is an exciting one, especially if you’ve been struggling with your teeth and want a permanent solution for replacements. But while people realize that dental implants are often an ideal solution, many often wonder if they’re an affordable one. Today, therefore, we’re going to discuss the different factors that…

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