Common Dental Problems – Prevention and Treatment Options

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Prevalent Dental Issues and Courses of Action for Prevention and Treatment

Just because some dental issues are deemed common does not mean that they are any less problematic than others. In fact, routine dental problems can cause as much frustration and damage as more serious ones if left unattended and untreated. 

Here are some common dental problems and their respective prevention and treatment options.

  • Cavities or Tooth Decay

These occur when plaque, a film formed by bacteria, is present on the surface of the teeth. As the bacteria builds up, it produces an acid that slowly eats away at the enamel and destroys the teeth. 

  • Prevention

Prevent cavities by brushing twice per day and after meals. Use a gentle toothbrush, floss, and see your dentist for routine exams.

  • Treatment

Once the cavity has formed or tooth decay has set in, your dentist will advise on the best course of action, including fillings, a root canal, or crowns.

  • Tooth Sensitivity

This sensitivity can occur for many reasons, including exposed roots, fractured teeth, gum disease, infection, receding gums, and enamel erosion.

  • Prevention

Ensuring tooth sensitivity never occurs means taking a proactive approach to your oral health. Brushing consistently and gently and seeing your dentist routinely are key measures to take.

  • Treatment

Stopping tooth sensitivity from occurring takes a multi-faceted approach. First, your dentist needs to determine the root cause. After doing so, they will take the appropriate course of action, such as providing a filling or treating gum disease, etc.

  • Gum Recession

Gums begin to recede for several reasons, such as poor oral hygiene, over-brushing or brushing too hard, and periodontal disease.

  • Prevention

Keeping up with dental exams and routine cleanings along with careful and gentle brushing are important factors in preventing gum recession.

  • Treatment

Perio-maintenance cleanings will be scheduled to keep further recession at bay if it is due to periodontal disease or gingivitis. Gum grafts or other forms of surgery may be recommended if the recession is significant.

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