Common Oral Conditions In Older Persons

Oral conditions can strike at any stage of life. Nevertheless, the body inevitably encounters a number of health changes as we age. As such, you must take greater responsibility over your oral health as you get older. Before worrying too much about daily routines or seeing Nashua NH dentists, though, you must first educate yourself about the most common problems.

Here are five of the most common oral condition in older persons that every senior citizen should know.


Toothache is an issue that many people experience long before they reach their retirement years, but it becomes more likely as you get older. When left untreated, the issue can cause a lot of pain and discomfort while it may also become necessary to extract the tooth. Toothache can be caused by many underlying issues, which is why having Nashua NH dentists check you over is essential. Otherwise, the seemingly minor issue can become

Receding gums

Gum diseases are very common in older people too. Receding gums and related conditions can often be attributed to plaque buildup, which becomes harmful tartar. The big problem is that tartar can only be removed by professional scraping. So, while daily brushing and flossing are crucial elements for keeping plaque at a controllable level, it’s equally important to book annual appointments with your dentist to remove tartar before it becomes a serious threat.

Dry mouth

Dry mouth is caused by a lack of saliva, and will result in difficulties with swallowing, eating, and talking. The condition can occur as an upshot of medications used to treat a range of conditions (anxiety, high blood pressure, etc.) or chemotherapy as well as injuries and accidents. It may require specialized treatments based on the underlying conditions and could also need you to change daily routines of lifestyle. Correcting the issue will make life far more comfortable.

Cancerous oral sores

The threat of mouth cancer increased after the age of 55, which is why you need to be extra vigilant of potential signs. While we all get ulcers and other oral sores on a semi-frequent basis, they should not stay around too long. If oral sores aren’t going away naturally, it could be a sign of a health issue that needs treating (not only cancer), which is why you should have the dentist check your mouth to confirm that it is nothing to worry about and provide the right medication to make it disappear over time.

Tooth loss

Tooth loss can be caused due to untreated conditions affecting the tooth or the gums and jaw. Sadly, losing a tooth also puts the rest of your mouth at risk. Therefore, it’s important to have dental implants or dentures. Aside from restoring the function and appearance in the immediate future, it prevents further damage to the jaw and shape of the mouth. For that reason alone, you must not simply leave your mouth following the loss of a tooth, even if you experience no pain.

The best way to stay on top of your oral health is to see a professional dentist on a regular basis. For more information, call Rose Dental today.

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