Dental Implant Prices In New Hampshire: What You need To Know

Dental implants are an increasingly common solution for patients who have lost a tooth or require a tooth extraction. It provides a much better, and cheaper, solution than replacing an entire row of teeth while evolving technologies mean that implants can now be manufactured to match the appearance of the adjacent teeth.

If you are having a problem with just one tooth, this is often the best treatment. In fact, around one in four American adults are expected to have a dental implant by 2026. Before committing, though, you’ll want to know about dental implant prices in New Hampshire. Here’s a full breakdown to give you a clearer understanding.

Dental implant prices 2021

Studies show that dental implant prices for a single tooth can range from anywhere between $500 and $8,000. However, the vast majority of single tooth treatments will fall into the $3,000-$4,5000 range. A full mouth treatment could cost up to $80,000.

There are many contributing factors that can influence the price, which is why there is such a huge fluctuation. Some of the most telling aspects include;

  • Which tooth requires a prosthetic tooth implant,
  • Whether the tooth is already out or requires extraction,
  • Whether bone grafting is required
  • The dentist who is completing the procedure,
  • The condition of your mouth in general,
  • Which type of artificial teeth materials are selected.

Doctor Rose L. Wang DMD are thrilled to offer a comprehensive range of dental implant services for single tooth or multiple teeth replacements. Meanwhile, a full consultation will provide you with a clear breakdown of the costs and treatment duration.

What is included in dental implant prices?

While they aren’t cheap, dental implants are still one of the most affordable solutions. Moreover, when completed by an experienced professional, both upper jaw and lower jaw dental implants boast success rates of over 90%. So, patients can be confident.

The overall cost of implants covers every aspect of the treatment, including but not limited to;

  • Dental inspections and consultations (costs up to $300),
  • The removal of the tooth and root (costs up to ($700),
  • X -rays and Cone Beam CT (costs up to $750),
  • Bone grafting (costs up to $300 for standard procedures),
  • Abutment and implant crown (costs up to $2,100),
  • Dental implant (costs up to $3,000).

While those maximum costs show the worst case scenarios, you may not need all of the procedures. Moreover, most patients face a fraction of the costs for each of those elements. When followed by great dental care, they can last for decades.

Are dental implants covered by insurance?

While dental implants are a health issue rather than a cosmetic one, the treatment is unlikely to be fully covered by your medical insurance. Basic plans may not cover any aspect of the treatment. On a brighter note, more advanced healthcare packages may offer partial coverage. You will need to read your policy for further details, especially in relation to pre-existing conditions and annual maximum rates.

For further information about any aspect of dental implant prices in 2021 and beyond, contact Rose Dental on (603) 882-7201 today.

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