Dental Services

As a premier affordable dental office in Nashua, NH, we provide all the services your family needs to maintain healthy and bright smiles.

Restorative Services

We perform all routine restorative dental services. As your Nashua mercury-free dentist, we prefer to use tooth-colored filling material. We can also replace your old silver or amalgam fillings. Sometimes, these and other large areas of decay require a larger replacement, known as an inlay or onlay. As a final restorative option, crowns are available. Our in-office CEREC crowns can complete the procedure for you in a single visit. There’s no longer a need to wait weeks between visits!

A lot of people are faced with missing teeth at some point in their lives. Dental implants are a breeze with our full Dental Implant services. Implants are often the ideal choice, because they’re the closest thing available to having your natural tooth in place again. However, we also offer other options, such as bridges and dentures if you’re not a candidate for dental implants or prefer to go another route.

Cosmetic Dentistry

At Rose Dental, we offer a multitude of cosmetic dentistry services that other dentists may not be able to provide. Services such as tooth colored fillings, tooth sealants, tooth whitening, veneers, tooth inlays/onlays, dental bonding, dental crowns and dental implants, etc. are often provided to fulfil your needs. We’ve invested in the technology to make your cosmetic dental improvements as painless and beautiful as possible.

Don’t let stained, cracked, or misshapen teeth ruin your confidence. We offer in-office whitening, which can give you a dazzling Hollywood smile in about one hour. As an alternative, you can boost the brightness of your smile with professional-grade, custom-made trays designed for home use. If your teeth are chipped or misshapen, bonding or veneers can correct it. Dental veneers can also give slightly crooked teeth a uniform appearance much quicker than braces can.

Emergency Care

When you’re in pain or have an infection, you need treatment right away. In most cases, we can see you the same day you call, even if you’ve never been to our office. Extractions can usually be performed right away if need be. When the tooth can be saved, a root canal therapy is often the best solution and you will be out of pain immediately.

Preventative Dentistry

We’re proud to be a comprehensive Nashua affordable dental office, and we’re genuinely glad to see you when everything is going well. Cleanings and check-ups are generally recommended every six months. Our younger patients benefit from sealants, which protect adult teeth from decay. People with gum disease or periodontal disease usually need to be seen more often, but we can still treat most cases in our office.

Gentle Dentistry

Dental anxiety is very common, and we’ll do everything we can to set you at ease. Our laser dentistry services reduce the need for anesthetic, and we can also provide nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to keep you comfortable during your visit.

We provide expert, affordable dentistry, you provide the smiles. If you would like to learn more information on the cosmetic dental services in our office at Nashua, NH, please give us a call at 603-882-7201 to schedule a Free Consultation at your convenience.

Dental Services

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