The Hidden Oral Health Consequences of Eating Disorders

eating disorders

You might be wondering why your friendly neighborhood cosmetic dentist is chatting about eating disorders today. Well, guess what? Our mouths are kind of like the gateway to our bodies, and they’re a lot more sensitive than you might think! In this post, we’ll be looking at the less-discussed, but equally important issue – how…

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Your Worst-Ever Denture Problems, And How To Solve Them

denture problems

Dentures are an affordable solution for tooth loss, providing a much-needed biting surface that helps to restore the jaw area’s shape and function. Unfortunately, this alternative to dental implants can sometimes be temperamental.  That’s where this post can help. We explore your worst-ever denture-related problems and then provide helpful solutions you can implement immediately.  Poor…

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Where Can I Get The Best Laser Dental Treatment?

laser dentistry

Laser dentistry can be necessary to help remove decay and prepare a cavity. Lasers can perform a wide variety of tooth and gum treatments. If you are considering using laser dental treatment, then you might be wondering what it is, how it works, and where the best place to go is.  What is Laser Dental…

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5 Myths About Root Canals

tooth pain

Root canals inspire fear in quite a few people, with much of this being because of some common misconceptions. With the right dentist, you shouldn’t have to worry about it being a long, painful process. Instead, they’re much more comfortable than you’d think. That’s especially true when you consider some of the more notable myths…

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What Are The Most Common Causes Of Frequent Halitosis?

bad breath, halitosis

It’s never nice to suffer from halitosis. Bad breath may not be your fault, but it can still be embarrassing to experience, especially at social events where others may mention it.  Keeping a clean dental environment is important and your strongest bulwark against bad breath. This includes regular brushing (at least twice a day!) including…

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