Oral Health VS Overall Health: What’s The Link?


How often do you consider your oral health in relation to your overall health? Many people don’t see the link, and yet it’s the most significant link of all that can give you clues to your current health status. When you learn about how your oral health can impact your overall health, you can get…

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Suffering Bad Breath? Here’s What You Need To Do

No one likes to deal with bad breath. It’s the one thing that can make anyone feel self-conscious and worried, and it’s something that everyone notices – even when they don’t say so! It doesn’t matter how often you brush your teeth or scrape your tongue; you can still deal with awful breath if the…

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What You Need To Know About Oral Health In Pregnancy

gum disease & pregnancy

Expecting a baby is such an exciting and transformative time in your life. And naturally, you’re expecting some changes to your body over the next few months as you prepare to welcome your new arrival. One thing you might not have considered, though, is your oral health during pregnancy. The changing hormone levels that your…

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Gum Disease: It’s About More Than Just Your Gums

gum disease

Most people hear about gum disease and associate it right away with dental health issues. – and they wouldn’t be far wrong. However, gum disease isn’t just a condition that affects the gums. There is plenty of evidence to show that gum disease is linked to a range of other illnesses and diseases in the…

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Are Dental Implants Worth The Cost?

nashua dentist

Many people seeking the help of their dentist find that dental implants are an option in which they want to invest – and it makes sense! Dental implants look like real teeth, which means that you can get your smile back to its best in no time. When your teeth are damaged – seemingly beyond…

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Bulimia And Your Oral Health

nashua dentist for bulimia care

Caring for your teeth when living with Bulimia is a very important issue. Your oral health can be severely compromised whilst living with an eating disorder, and being able to reach out for help to preserve your teeth and gums can do wonders for both your mental and physical wellbeing.  Many common problems can abound…

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5 Myths About Root Canals

root canal dentist nashua

Even the mere thought of the words ‘root canal’ is enough to send a shiver down the spine of many. With most television shows portraying the procedure as nothing short of torture, there’s a huge fear around having to pursue root canal surgery – but many of the ‘facts’ that encourage such fear are actually…

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