Why Doesn’t My Crowned Tooth Last Forever?

crown tooth

People living in today’s society have access to a diverse selection of dental treatments and procedures to choose from. Crowns are undeniably among the most common dental procedures that people have. There is simply no doubting this fact. Crowns are a common dental restoration that may be found in the mouths of millions of patients…

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Dental Implant: Permanent Denture Replacement

dentures replacement

In today’s world, there is a wide variety of dental treatments and procedures available. In most cases, if you have a dental issue of any kind, you will discover that you have several distinct treatment options from which to select. If you have missing teeth, whether it is just one or two or many, you…

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Why Your Teeth Hurt & What You Can Do

tooth pain

Is there anything worse than random pain in your teeth? Your teeth are a difficult area when it comes to handling pain because there are very few pressure points to help you to relieve it. The only person who can really relieve pressure pain in your teeth is your dentist, and if your tooth hurts…

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Pregnant and Dealing with Bleeding Gums? Read On!

pregnancy & bleeding gums

Pregnancy plays havoc on the body but if there is one area that can really affect it’s your gums. Are you pregnant right now and noticing red and tender gums? Are you bleeding when you brush your teeth? This is commonly referred to as pregnancy gingivitis and it’s classified as a form of gum disease…

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All About Gum Disease

gum disease

What do you know about gum disease? Gum disease is not just a health condition that affects your mouth, it’s a condition that can affect the whole of your body. Your oral health is very much linked to your overall health, and if you have gum disease you can end up with additional problems to…

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Tips for Managing Your Oral Health Routine

oral health

Do you struggle with managing your oral health routine? Your dentist and our Nashua NH dentist team are more than happy to help you to figure it out. Maintaining healthy teeth and gums should be a priority for everybody at every stage of life.  Whether you are dealing with children in your family or you…

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Bulimia: Caring For Your Teeth


When living with bulimia, dental hygiene is a very crucial topic to address and take care of. When you have an eating problem, your dental health can be badly affected, and if you are able to get assistance in order to protect your teeth and gums, it can do wonders for both your mental and…

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