Experiencing Sinus Toothache? Consider These Relief Strategies

While toothache can be uncomfortable, sinus toothache can also combine pain in your dental environment and face. This is often caused by sinusitis, which is considered inflammation of your sinus cavities. One thing is for sure, when experiencing this condition, you aim to seek relief as quickly as possible.

The best possible remedial strategy is to book a full examination with Rose Dental. We’re highly experienced in treating sinusitis and the accompanying toothache it can bring, and will make sure to provide a full diagnosis to determine the scope of your issue.

If you’re currently experiencing a sinus toothache, some temporary relief strategies may involve:

  • Inhaling steam.

Steam can help to gently warm and soothe your inflamed sinus cavities, and better yet, it’s an entirely free method of relief. Simply find a bowl that can hold boiling water, boil your kettle or pot of water over the stove, and pour it in slowly and with care.

Then, sit down with the bowl in front of you and hold a towel behind your head to capture all the steam. Take care to breathe in through your nose slowly. 

Take several breaks by lifting your head up and breathing in fresh air. Make sure to take the utmost care with the boiling water. We’d also recommend keeping a few tissues on hand because this method can help remove congestion.

  • Over-the-counter painkillers.

Medications such as ibuprofen can be purchased over the counter and provide you temporary relief from dull aches and pains. Just make sure not to take too much as this can be damaging to your liver. Always follow the medical advice printed on the label. 

In addition, make sure to stipulate any medications you’ve taken for your symptoms to your healthcare professional or dentist, so they know how to curate their own treatment for you.

  • Drink more water.

Staying hydrated is essential for thinning out your mucus, preventing that inner congested feeling, and making sure sinus issues do not escalate into dental issues like toothache. Make sure to stay away from caffeine, alcohol and sugary sodas for now, as they can contribute to the issues as opposed to relieving your symptoms.

  • Book an appointment with your dentist.

Your dentist will give you the most immediate and comprehensive assessment to ensure the full extent of your toothache is properly considered. Just knowing a qualified professional is taking a look at the issue and will curate a treatment pathway can be a relief in itself. 

If they confirm that your toothache is sinus-related, they might refer you to an otolaryngologist or conduct the treatment in-house. In some cases, it may be that identification of an infection or abscess requires tooth extraction or deeper remedial treatment.

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