Five Types Of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures

Everyone knows that their smile is the one thing that people notice about a person before anything else. A smile is one feature that is complimented the most, and when you smile, you create trust and open up the chance of a relationship with people you are sharing that smile with. Not only that, you look confident, sure, and it makes others feel like smiling! 

The smile that you flash at others is going to be an asset to your emotional and social well-being. Those who aren’t happy with their smile often turn to cosmetic dentistry to transform it entirely, but even then, they don’t know how cosmetic dentistry can genuinely help. Getting the smile that you can really love is a possibility, and with the five types of cosmetic dentistry below, you can find out how your smile can be transformed entirely.

Teeth Whitening

The color of your teeth matters – especially when you smile. Coffee, wine, food and age cause staining on the teeth, and although this won’t mean that you have any oral health issues, it’s not particularly pleasant to feel self-conscious about the smile that you flash to the world. There are plenty of teeth whitening toothpaste’s on the market, but professional teeth whitening offers something more than a chemist can!


Porcelain veneers have the ability to correct teeth that may have too many spaces, crooked, mis-shapen, and discolored. These are thin pieces of tooth-colored porcelain that are sculpted to the front of the teeth. They don’t need too much preparation, either, so you can be smiling big within two appointments.

Porcelain Crowns/Bridges

Restoring tooth function makes our oral health better. Alongside this, it’s a good idea to improve your smile and the aesthetic with porcelain crowns and bridges. Not only will crowns and bridges help to protect weak and damaged teeth and offer tooth restoration that is strong and durable.


Dental bonding adds tooth-colored resin to teeth to cover and correct any chips and cracks as well as tooth discoloration. Your dentist is going to color-match and sculpt the resin to your teeth, and as it dries, it creates a cosmetic restoration that will last for some time. It’s discreet but very effective as a cosmetic treatment that will require very little preparation of the tooth.


The very last step of treatment is tooth-colored fillings. These are customizable dental restorations and bring your oral health back to its best. With the effective treatment of cavities, these fillings blend in with the color of the teeth and don’t stand out as if you’ve had any cosmetic dentistry done.

All of this creates a smile to be envied. A bright, white smile that sparkles and gives you confidence can change the way that you feel about yourself. With the cosmetic dentist team at Rose Dental Nashua, your smile could be transformed!

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