How to Cure Halitosis

There is nothing worse than somebody flinching because you have breached near them and they have caught a whiff. It’s not nice to have food caught in your teeth, but it’s even worse if the other people could smell it! Halitosis is no fun for anyone, but it’s least of all fun for you. Bad breath can ruin your confidence, but there are so many reasons that you could be dealing with bad breath in the first place. 

Understanding what halitosis is is going to help you to understand the causes and how you can fix the problem. In this article, we are going to talk to you about how you can kill your bad mouth smell, whether it’s caused by a dry mouth, gum disease, or issues with plaque. Let’s take a look at how you can get rid of halitosis.


Did you know that a common cause of bad breath involves your guts? Overloading your digestive tract with built up toxins can leave your stomach in shambles. A bad smell coming from your mouth could be a side-effect of a bigger problem that you may not have been aware of. While you may be brushing your teeth, if you’re having issues with your gut you’re going to know about it when you breathe out and you catch a whiff of your own breath. Supplementing your diet with probiotics, or choosing to eat foods that are rich and probiotics could help. It can help to neutralize the bad bacteria, which will then have a knock on effect to ensure that your breath smells fresher and more neutral.

Choose Natural “Toothbrushes”

Did you know that your dietary choices are not the only issue? If you need to brush your teeth, natural toothbrushes such as apples and veggies that are fibrous enough to scrub your teeth are a great option. Apples, celery, carrots – all of these are great snacks that clean out the plaque buildup responsible for causing bad breath. They can also help you to add an extra dose of nutrients that boost your immune system. Don’t forget to avoid too much dessert, and brush your teeth after you eat apples because of the sugar content.

Use Spices

A natural way to combat your bad breath is within your spice cupboard. Your shelves hold an array of spices with bacteria fighting ingredients such as cloves which are rich in your eugenol; dill, cardamom or fennel, which are excellent to mask the halitosis odor. You could even suck on a stick of cinnamon because it’s an effective antiseptic.

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