Is Bleeding Gums During Pregnancy Normal?

There are lots of changes that your body goes through during pregnancy, but one of the ones you might not have been expecting is bleeding from the gums. It’s a scary experience for many, but is it something to worry about?

We’re going to discuss this issue, what it means in terms of your oral health and what can be done to address the problem. So read on now and learn all about it.

Bleeding Gums During Pregnancy Isn’t Particularly Unusual

The first thing to say here is that bleeding gums is not a particularly strange symptom to experience, but that also doesn’t mean that it should be ignored altogether. That being said, it’s not something to worry about too much as long as you respond to it in the correct way.

When you’re pregnant, your progesterone levels are higher than they ordinarily would be. And this is what makes you more likely to develop gum disease such as gingivitis. In turn, you’re likely to experience the symptoms of those conditions, one of which is bleeding gums.

Practice Good Oral Hygiene

It is important to get the gingivitis assessed and treated. And in the meantime, you can do your part from day to day by keeping your mouth, teeth and gums clean and healthy. That means brushing carefully and consistently, using fluoride toothpaste.

It’s also a good idea to use mouthwash so that you kill as much of the unwanted bacteria in your mouth as possible. That bacteria can make the gum disease you experience worse than it otherwise would be, so it’s best to get rid of it.

Remember to Floss and Scrape Your Tongue

Flossing is something else that you’ll want to do while you’re pregnant, and even if you’re not. Flossing helps to get rid of the food scraps and bacteria that might be lurking in between your teeth at the end of each day. By flossing, you’ll get rid of the things missed during brushing.

As well as flossing, you’ll also want to scrape your tongue each day as well. Your tongue is another part of the mouth on which bacteria can grow and spread, and it’s something that we often overlook and neglect. If you want to keep your mouth healthy, scrape your tongue daily.

Stay in Contact with Your Dentist

If you are experiencing the signs of gum disease, it’s always best to stay in regular contact with your dentist and let them help you get the treatment you require.

Getting the right treatment will ensure your bleeding gums and the underlying gum disease don’t get worse. Controlling and treating the issue will mean that it eventually goes away, but that won’t happen if you ignore it.

If you’re looking for Nashua dentists to help and support your dental and oral health as you go through your pregnancy, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team today. We’ll be more than happy to carry out regular checkups and provide you with any assistance you need a long the way.

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