Replacing Missing Teeth Will Benefit Your Appearance And Your Health

If you are missing teeth, you may be wondering if it is worthwhile to do something about them, especially if they are not in the most prominent places in your mouth. The problem is that missing teeth can have a significant impact—and not a positive one—on your quality of life, dental health, and overall look. However, if you have lost teeth, dental implants may be used to replace them, which will not only restore your confidence but also enhance your life, your health, and your overall well-being. 

When you consider the fact that missing teeth leave open areas in your mouth, this also indicates that your bite will grow worse as a result of the situation. Because of the gaps in your mouth, your teeth are going to move throughout the course of time, which is why this is going to happen. Teeth are dependent on both of their neighbors in order to maintain their place. When one or more teeth are missing, it is normal for the remaining teeth to shift into the space left by the missing one. This may have a severe influence on your health in a number of different ways, showing yet again why it is always a good idea to replace any teeth that are missing from your mouth.

Loss of teeth and bone can have an effect on your look

It is quite unlikely that you require us to clarify the fact that missing teeth can have an effect on both your smile and what you perceive when you look in the mirror. The fact that teeth are missing might have an effect on the jaw bone is something that many individuals are unaware of. This is because the physical properties of your mouth shift while you speak.  Bone degeneration can subsequently affect the structure of your face, which can cause more tooth loss. As you can see, this is a downward spiral that is difficult to reverse. But if you have dental implants, they will replace not just the parts of your teeth that are visible but also the roots of your teeth as well. Because of this, the implants are able to stimulate the jaw in the same way that your natural teeth would, which prevents the jaw bone from deteriorating.

It is not difficult to see why so many individuals in today’s society are opting to have their missing teeth replaced rather than just learning to live with gaps in their mouths.  Even if the tooth that you have lost was knocked out in a spot that is not visible, it is still highly suggested that you get the tooth replaced so that you do not have to be concerned about any of the health issues that have been addressed. After all, the consequences of losing a tooth go well beyond how it changes your appearance. They can even affect your overall health.

If you have teeth missing and want to know the options available to you, get in touch with a cosmetic dentist at Rose Dental Nashua today!

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