Root Canal Therapy: 3 Things about Treatment That Can Save Your Tooth

Root canal therapy is common dental procedure that is designed to eliminate an infection while also preserving the affected tooth. There are some things to know about root canal therapy and how they can save your teeth, and that includes that infected teeth don’t always have to be pulled, but prompt attention is necessary if you want to save the tooth and keep it healthy in the future.

  1. Root Canal Therapy is a Favorable Alternative to Extractions

Root canal therapy is a special procedure your dentist will perform when the pulp inside your tooth becomes infected because of bacteria. As long as the rest of the tooth is still healthy and can be restored, the dentist can scrape out the dead and infected pulp from inside the tooth. Once the pulp and infection are removed, the tooth can survive, making a root canal a preferable option to extraction. In the end, you’ll have a more natural smile because the dentist will have preserved your natural tooth rather than pulling it and replacing it with a fake one. 

  1. You Must Act Fast When You Realize There’s a Problem

Many people will experience a toothache and think nothing of it, hoping the pain and swelling will subside on their own without intervention. The problem with this approach is some dental procedures are time-sensitive, and if you don’t seek help in time, you may be out of luck.

A root canal is one such procedure. Because a root canal is performed when the pulp inside your tooth is dead or infected, but the rest of the tooth is still healthy, time is of the essence. If you wait too long to see the dentist, then the infection could spread, and the tooth could be lost. But if you get to the dentist in time, they can remove the pulp, address the infection, and save your tooth.

  1. The Procedure Will Also Prevent Reinfection and Preserve Your Tooth for the Future

Once your dentist has performed the root canal, they will fill the inside of the tooth with a special material, seal any holes, and potentially cap the tooth with a crown for further protection. These measures will prevent the tooth from becoming infected again in the future and ensure you can use your natural tooth normally and without fear of damaging it. Stopping the tooth from getting infected again will save you time, money, pain, and further trips to the dentist down the road.  

Are you experiencing pain or swelling in your mouth? If so, call your trusted dentist in Nashua, NH to schedule an appointment right away. Seeking immediate attention could mean the difference between a root canal and an extraction. As long as you act quickly, your dentist will have time to examine your mouth, come up with a diagnosis, and perform the root canal, which will save your tooth and prevent you from having to get a replacement.

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