Sinus Toothache: How To Relieve The Pressure

When To See A Dentist

If you have sinus toothache that lasts for some time, or is causing you a lot of pain, you need to book an appointment with our dentist. They will be able to identify the cause of the toothache, whether it be periodontal disease, an abscess, or that you’re grinding your teeth. If the dentist cannot find a cause, they will recommend that you see your doctor for the next steps in your care. Your sinus toothache should alleviate once your infection has gone, and the best thing you can do is see your dentist today and get the help you need.

It is not easy to deal with sinus toothache. The pressure in your sinuses can be enough to send you to your dentist pretty quickly if you think that it’s tooth related. The best way that you can handle sinus toothache is to target the pressure that is happening, and the best way to do it is with your dentist. We’ve got some tips below of how you can treat and cure sinus toothache.

Drain The Mucus

Sinus toothache is mostly caused by the build-up of mucus, creating pressure on your sinuses. When you drain the mucus, you relieve the pressure on your sinuses, and over the counter decongestants can help with this. They can provide the fast relief that you need to feel relief. Your dentist can help you with this, and if you are dealing with sinus toothache, speaking to them early is essential.

Use Steam

Steam can help you hydrate your mucous membranes, and this can help you decrease the mucus that is putting pressure on the sinuses. Steamy showers or facials with a peppermint solution can open the sinuses up, drain the fluid, and reduce the pain.

Choose Spicy Foods

For fast-acting sinus relief, opt for the extra spicy food. Your dentist will be able to tell you that spicy foods could help. They have mucus-thinning properties, and it can lower how dense the mucus is, reducing your pain and making you feel more comfortable.

Head Position

It’s rare to have sinus toothache without congestion, and your dentist can confirm this. If you position your head in a certain way when you sleep, you could make the pressure worse. If you sleep propped up, you can drain the built-up mucus. Sleep with two pillows behind your head, and you will find that the drainage is much quicker, adding to your relief.


Drinking more water can help you to thin the mucus that has built-up behind your sinuses. Sinus toothache can be relieved when you hydrate as the mucus drains effectively. Whether it’s water or soup, liquids will help you to feel better!

Nasal Lavage (Sinus Flush)

A saline solution squirted up one nostril, so it comes out through the other can be very restorative to the sinuses, although it doesn’t sound like it on paper! It works to clear away any allergens and discharge that are present and causing the build-up.


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