Suffering Bad Breath? Here’s What You Need To Do

No one likes to deal with bad breath. It’s the one thing that can make anyone feel self-conscious and worried, and it’s something that everyone notices – even when they don’t say so! It doesn’t matter how often you brush your teeth or scrape your tongue; you can still deal with awful breath if the smell is coming from further back in your throat.

Curing bad breath is one of the biggest reasons that people attend their dentist – a foul smell is never healthy. Identifying where the smell is coming from, whether it’s due to gum disease or excessive dry mouth, making it challenging to keep your mouth clean, is essential. Bacteria can live in the mouth for a long time, causing bad breath and a bad taste in the mouth, too. If the bacteria begin to reproduce, you are going to deal with bad breath.

Why You Have Bad Breath

While you are going to go to the dentist to get some help with bad breath, it can help you understand why it’s happening so that you can be proactive. Several things can contribute to bad breath, and those include:

Gum Disease

When the bacteria builds in the gums, it causes inflamed, swollen gums that are full of blood. These are then sore, and you may find that the bacteria build-up produces a foul smell. Ensuring that you are treated for gum disease, brushing, and flossing carefully can help minimize the bacteria and help you reduce the smell.

Oral Infections

If your sinuses or tonsils – and even your gums – are infected, you may find that you are dealing with bad breath as a result. Speaking to a doctor to check for infections that aren’t dental-related is so important, as then you can rule out any other bacteria.

Old Food

Sometimes, you can brush diligently and still miss a piece of food stuck in your teeth. When this happens, the best thing that you can do is to start flossing after each meal. You should also be mindful of the food that you are eating; popcorn has a habit of getting in between your teeth without you realizing until there is pain and bacterial build-up!

Tonsil Stones

Another cause of bad breath is tonsil stones. If your tonsils are pitted, these are more common, and they are small balls of bacteria that get stuck in the pits on the tonsils. These can be horrible in odor, and they are not always easy to get rid of.

What You Can Do

If you are looking for ways to cure your bad breath, start brushing your teeth and tongue thoroughly twice a day. Floss whenever you eat anything and swish water around your mouth after eating, too. This will help you get rid of any residue on your teeth and around your gums, causing a bad smell.

Speak to your dentist if you are concerned about gum disease, and you will be able to get the help you need.

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