Tips for Managing Your Oral Health Routine

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Do you struggle with managing your oral health routine? Your dentist and our Nashua NH dentist team are more than happy to help you to figure it out. Maintaining healthy teeth and gums should be a priority for everybody at every stage of life.  Whether you are dealing with children in your family or you…

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4 Things To Know About Oral Health And Pregnancy

pregnancy gingivitis

You’re expecting, and you’re aware that your body will undergo significant changes over the next nine months. However, you may be unaware of the link between oral health and pregnancy. Expectant mothers and fathers have a lot on their minds, but that doesn’t mean they should ignore their teeth and gums. Hormone fluctuations raise the…

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What Should Your Oral Health Routine Involve?

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If you haven’t yet got a good oral health routine in place, it’s time for you to fix that once and for all. There are lots of problems that can arise when you’re not taking the proper time to look after your teeth and mouth. But what should your oral health routine look like from…

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Common Oral Health Problems in Older Age

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As we get older, we become more vulnerable to a wide range of health problems, and that’s true for your dental and oral health as well. Good oral hygiene practices are vital throughout your life, but they only become increasingly important as the years pass. To show you what we mean, we’re going to take…

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Oral Health VS Overall Health: What’s The Link?


How often do you consider your oral health in relation to your overall health? Many people don’t see the link, and yet it’s the most significant link of all that can give you clues to your current health status. When you learn about how your oral health can impact your overall health, you can get…

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What You Need To Know About Oral Health In Pregnancy

gum disease & pregnancy

Expecting a baby is such an exciting and transformative time in your life. And naturally, you’re expecting some changes to your body over the next few months as you prepare to welcome your new arrival. One thing you might not have considered, though, is your oral health during pregnancy. The changing hormone levels that your…

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How To Avoid Common Oral Health Issues

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The basics of good oral hygiene are important to us all. A healthy mouth and teeth doesn’t just mean a great smile and more social confidence, it’s also related to things like heart disease. Our teeth are not indestructible. They require proper daily treatment and regular visits to a dentist in Nashua in order to…

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