Everything You Need To Know About A Sinus Toothache

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It’s no secret that toothaches can be incredibly uncomfortable to live with. This type of condition can come in many forms, and there are many different causes for toothaches that people don’t consider when they start to notice pain in this part of their body. A sinus toothache can be one of the most painful…

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Sinus Toothache: How To Relieve The Pressure

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When To See A Dentist If you have sinus toothache that lasts for some time, or is causing you a lot of pain, you need to book an appointment with our dentist. They will be able to identify the cause of the toothache, whether it be periodontal disease, an abscess, or that you’re grinding your…

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What Can Be Done To Relieve A Sinus Toothache?


If you have a sinus infection or your sinuses are inflamed, it can cause a toothache. Although your tooth hurts, the problem here is not your tooth but your sinuses. Sinus pressure and drainage from sinusitis can lead to toothache, usually in the upper rear teeth that are close to the sinuses. Understanding whether a…

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