Take Advantage of Your Own Liquid Gold – PRF

Everyone knows that small cuts or wounds on your body will heal by themselves, but do you know that is because your own blood contains a “liquid gold” which can also be used in the dental chair? Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF), a byproduct of your own blood, is enriched in platelets, fibrin and growth factors. Platelets are the smallest cell in the blood and they put a stop to bleeding. Fibrin is the protein that forms a blood clot. Most importantly, the growth factors promote tissue to grow and repair themselves quickly. The combination of all three in PRF enable quicker and better healing with less complications. PRF is extremely helpful in some dental procedures such as a tooth extraction and/or dental implant, as well as facial rejuvenations such as micro-needling with PRF.

At Rose Dental, we are excited and proud to offer PRF Treatment as your Nashua NH Dentist to benefit you, our dear patient. Usually, we withdraw a small amount of blood from you. Then we place the blood into a FDA approved PRF centrifuge machine to separate PRF out of the blood. We are able to use both the liquid and gel form for our procedures depending on the treatment you received. With using PRF, one can have shorter healing time, less pain and fewer complications, such as dry socket from a tooth extraction. If you use PRF while placing a dental implant, the implant will integrate with bone better and the success rate of implant will be greatly improved. For facial rejuvenation, micro-needling with the help of PRF will make your face glow and look young again.

If you are interested, call us at 603-882-7201 or talk you your dentist at Rose Dental at your next appointment.

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