The Health Implications Of Living With Missing Teeth

Living with missing teeth can seem like a normal part of life for many people. Unlike most of the other parts of your body, your teeth can’t heal themselves when they are damaged, and this means that people rely on dentists to repair them. Of course, though, why would you want to get missing teeth replaced with something else? Let’s take a look at some of the health implications that can come with an issue like this to give you an idea of what you will be in for.

Physical Health Issues With Missing Teeth

While it may sound dramatic, humans finding themselves without their teeth in their natural habitat would’ve been as good as dead in the past. This part of your body is vital when it comes to providing your body with nutrition, forming the first stage in the digestion process of solid foods.

You may not die thanks to missing teeth, but you could easily find yourself lacking the nourishment you need. Alongside this, living with missing teeth can increase your chances of developing gum disease, a condition that is strongly linked to heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and diabetes.

Mental Health Issues With Missing Teeth

Alongside the physical health implications of living with missing teeth, there are also serious mental health issues that can arise when people do nothing to solve an issue like this. Living with teeth missing can drastically change your appearance, both with your mouth open and closed. Many people feel self-conscious about this, leading to confidence issues that can impact them in everyday life.

Therapy can help with issues like this, but it will also make sense to do something about the issue inside your mouth. Mental health issues used to be heavily stigmatized, though this has changed in recent times, giving you the chance to talk to professionals about this sort of problem when you first notice it impacting your life.

Fixing Missing Teeth

Fixing missing teeth doesn’t have to be a major challenge. Here at Rose Dental, we are able to offer an array of treatment options for those who want to repair issues like this. Dentures are excellent for those who have lost all of their teeth, while implants, bridges, crowns, and other procedures can solve less serious tooth loss.

It always makes sense to get in touch with a dentist when you notice an issue like this with your teeth. Causing both physical and mental health issues in many people, living with missing teeth is something that no one has to experience when they put the right time and effort into solving these problems.

As you can see, the health implications that come with missing teeth can be difficult to live with. It’s crucial that you maintain your dental health throughout your life, and this goes far beyond replacing missing teeth. If you are worried about any dental issue, you should contact a dentist as soon as you can. (Image Source)

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