Tips To Prevent And Treat Common Dental Problems

It’s important to try and do everything you can to look after your teeth as you get older. While your teeth are meant to last you your entire life, many people will lose their teeth by the time they reach their 60s and 70s.

However, with the right tips and tricks, you can prevent and treat common dental problems to avoid things like tooth decay and tooth loss. Here are some top tips for preventing and treating the most common of dental problems.

Brush your teeth after every meal

When it comes to tooth decay and gum problems, the best way to help ensure this doesn’t happen is by brushing your teeth after every meal. Why every meal? Well, the dirt and debris left over on your teeth are going to eventually cause erosion of your tooth’s enamel. So the longer you leave it on your teeth, the more damage it’s then going to cause.

It’s important to try and brush your teeth after every meal, that’s including lunch if you’re able to.

Clean your tongue

A part that many people tend to miss when it comes to their oral care is cleaning their tongue. Did you know that a lot of the bacteria in your mouth live on your tongue? It’s also common that many avoid cleaning their tongue because they often forget or they may have a bad gag reflex.

However, brushing your tongue even for a few seconds can do wonders for your general oral care as well as the smell of your breath.

Avoid eating decay-worthy foods

There are some foods that you should avoid eating, especially in excess because of the damage it does to your teeth. For example, candy and fizzy drinks are going to cause your teeth to lose that protective enamel over time. 

You may also want to be careful when biting down on hard bread and other foods that have a tough outer shell or exterior.

Floss and mouthwash

Flossing and mouthwash are two important steps that are additional to brushing. While brushing gets rid of most debris, flossing gets in between the teeth whereas toothbrush bristles cannot.

With flossing, it disinfects the mouth, including the gums and tongue, both of which can contribute to gum disease if not cleaned properly. 

Consult a dentist for checkups

Finally, consider consulting a dentist for regular checkups. When you get a checkup once a year, you’re getting your teeth looked at and assessed for any underlying problems. You may not think you have any but it’s not until you step into the dentist’s chair that the problems are uncovered.

It’s worth updating your calendar with a reminder to book this appointment every year at least and to attend whenever there’s a problem in the interim.

Book your next dental appointment with dentist Nashua

While we’re on the subject of dental and oral care, why not book your next dental appointment? Booking an exam is quick and easy – and it means you’ll have had your fill of the dentist chair for another year.

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