Using Dental Implants To Solve Common Denture Problems

Dentures have been a popular tool for those living with missing teeth for a very long time. Also known as false teeth, dentures typically sit on the gums or roof of your mouth, covering the gaps that have been left by tooth loss. Of course, though, while dentures are certainly tried and tested, they can come with some issues that can be frustrating for those trying to live with them. Dental implants can be a good solution to these problems, but what exactly is wrong with dentures, and how do implants save the day? Let’s find out.

Loose Dentures vs. Solid Implants

Thanks to the free-floating nature of dentures, it can be all too easy to find yourself losing your teeth when you use a treatment like this. There are many options on the market for denture tape and other adhesives, though these come with their own issues, as they make it harder to remove your dentures at the end of each day. Dental implants are secured by your gums, giving them a solid anchor that won’t come loose during your day-to-day life. This makes dental implants far more secure than dentures.

The Cleaning Routine

As any denture user will know, you need to take your dentures out each night to sit in a solution that will keep them clean. This routine can be frustrating for those first starting with dentures, especially when tape has to be used to keep them in during the day. Dental implants can be cleaned alongside your natural teeth, with regular toothpaste and brushes being enough to keep them from developing stains and bacteria. Of course, you can usually remove the caps from your implants for a deeper clean, but this won’t need to be a daily routine and you can often leave it to your dentist to tell you when you need to be more thorough with your implants.

Regular Denture Appointments

Those using dentures will often need regular appointments with their dentist. This helps to ensure that their dentures are clean and in good shape, while also making it possible for the dentist to fix any damage that they have sustained. Dental implants don’t come with this burden, as they are made from materials that are far longer lasting. In fact, you will only need to attend your regular dental appointments to make sure that your dental implants are being maintained properly. This can save both time and money, with the permanent implants you’ve had installed providing years and years of treatment without the need for intervention.

Here at Rose Dental Nashua, we have a wealth of experience working with both dentures and dental implants. Our team of oral experts is always happy to talk through options like these with you, giving you the chance to pick something that will work well for your mouth. Of course, though, you will need to get in contact to get the help you need.

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