What Happens When You Have Your Teeth Professionally Whitened?

Are you dreaming of a brighter, whiter smile? How we feel about our teeth affects how often we express ourselves with a smile, and how often we smile affects the perception that other people have of us. From first dates to job interviews, smiling is important. For those who suffer from discolored teeth, a visit to a teeth whitening dentist can transform their lives – and when you’re looking for a dentist in nashua, you want to be assured you’re going to get friendly, professional service that leaves you looking and feeling great . So what should you expect when you book in for professional teeth whitening? 

What Can Professional Teeth Whitening Do?

If you’re looking for the quickest and most significant results in the shortest amount of time, you’ll need professional teeth whitening. This method is increasingly getting popular in Nashua with clients who aren’t seeing the results they want from over-the-counter teeth whitening kits and toothpastes with low levels of active ingredients. Going to a professional dentist can result in dramatically whiter teeth over the course of just a few sessions, with lasting results.


Quick Results With Laser Teeth Whitening

There are many benefits to this procedure, which is why it’s so popular in Nashua and other places:

  • Results can be seen immediately after the first treatment
  • It’s a non-invasive treatment that doesn’t cause any pain or bleeding
  • Laser whitening doesn’t cause any damage to your teeth, and it’s a viable option even for those with sensitive teeth
  • As the procedure is so easy, even those who are scared of the dentist generally find it easy

Although you can get at-home kits, the results are not as good as visiting a teeth whitening dentist, plus many people find using moulds and gels at home to be messy and time-consuming.

How Does Professional Teeth Whitening Work?

Professional teeth whitening takes place in sessions of around an hour. Before starting, we will assess the current shade of your teeth and talk about your oral hygiene practices and habits. The teeth are then polished up using a grainy paste, and the mouth is packed with gauze and retractors.A barrier is placed against the gums to protect them from the effects of chemical whitening agents. Teeth will then be coated with a solution of strong hydrogen or carbamide peroxide. The solution is activated using a laser to achieve optimum shade lift. After this, your mouth will be rinsed out with fluoride to reduce sensitivity. Depending on the shade change and the overall result you want, you may be scheduled to return at a later date to repeat the treatment.

What Happens After My Treatment?

After that initial treatment, you’ll notice an immediate change in the color of your teeth. To protect the results of the work, there are a few things you need to do straight afterwards:

  • Avoid drinking tea, coffee, red wine and other beverages that stain
  • Drink using a straw to avoid discoloration or sensitivity
  • Try not to eat candies or other foods that stick to the teeth
  • If you smoke, refrain from any tobacco products for a few days

You’ll have a brighter, whiter smile so get out there with confidence.

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