Where Can I Get The Best Laser Dental Treatment?

Laser dentistry uses laser technology to carry out dental procedures. If you are looking for laser dental treatment or you just want to know more about it, Rose Dental can help you. Our office in Nashua, NH, uses a laser dental treatment called WaterLase that uses laser and water spray. There are a number of benefits to using this type of dental treatment, which offers precision and helps to reduce pain and swelling. When you want the best laser dental treatment, you need a dentist with access to cutting-edge technology, along with excellent patient care.

What Is Laser Dentistry?

As the name suggests, laser dentistry uses lasers to carry out dental procedures. Some lasers are designed for soft tissues, such as the gums, while others are designed for use on hard tissue, such as the teeth. It is most common to use lasers for procedures involving soft tissue, including reshaping the gums or removing excess gum tissue. Laser therapy can also be used to help treat periodontal disease (gum infection). It is used to remove the infected gum tissue and promote healing and regeneration of healthy gum tissue. Hard tissue lasers are also used to help remove decay, prepare cavities before a filling and prepare teeth for root canal procedures. Most importantly, Hard tissue lasers are used to reshape the bone and help with implant repair that involving bone. 

The Benefits of Laser Dental Treatment

Laser treatment can offer a number of benefits to those looking for the most up-to-date dentistry. Using laser dentistry on soft tissue can help to reduce bleeding because the laser helps to promote clotting. The use of the laser also sterilizes the treatment area, so there is a lower risk of infection. Wounds can heal faster and the laser helps to promote tissue regeneration for better healing. Laser dentistry can also be more focused on the treatment area, which reduces the impact on any surrounding tissues.

WaterLase Treatment

At Rose Dental, we use WaterLase, a system which combines laser and water spray to perform procedures. WaterLase reduces pain by avoiding the use of heat, vibration and pressure, which all cause pain. This means that dental procedures can be carried out with less anesthesia and drill use, while making the treatment pain-free. Using WaterLase allows us to reduce bleeding, pain, and swelling, as well as lowering the need for pain medications both during and after a procedure.

WaterLase uses water, air and laser energy to remove tooth decay, bone and gum tissue while focusing only on the area that needs treatment. The surrounding area is spared, as the precise laser treatment is carried out. When the WaterLase laser is directed at a tooth, it excites the water molecules contained in the tooth and cuts through the tooth. At the same time, water is sprayed onto the tooth continuously, keeping it hydrated and preventing it from heating up. WaterLase also offers increased cavity bond strength and reduced cracks and fractures. Dentists can also use WaterLase to carry out more than one cavity procedure at a time.

If you’re looking for the best laser dental treatment, Rose Dental has the latest technology to provide you with caring treatment.

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