Why Does My Tooth Still Hurt? And What Can You Do About It?

Tooth pain can be a relatively common occurrence. In most cases, this’ll be a brief pain and it’ll go away pretty quickly. Simply eating some ice cream could be more than enough to cause this and isn’t anything to worry about.

Sometimes, it doesn’t go away, though. Instead, there could be an underlying cause and you might have to get it treated. Root canals, fillings, and similar options are all available, depending on the source of your tooth pain.

If you’ve had tooth pain for quite a while, it’s worth looking at what could be causing it, especially if it’s getting worse.

Why Your Tooth Could Hurt

A niggling pain in one of your teeth every once in a while is relatively normal, and it usually goes away after a few minutes. You’ll often take a painkiller and not have to worry about it again. It’s when this pain doesn’t go away that you need to worry, though. It’s a sign something’s wrong with the tooth.

Some of the more common causes of ongoing tooth pain include:

  • Infected gums
  • An abscess
  • Fractured tooth
  • Tooth decay
  • Damaged filling

The signs of some of these can be relatively obvious, but others can be hard to figure out by yourself. The main symptom would be the ongoing pain, which could get worse and worse. In that case, it’s worth knowing what you should do when one or more of your teeth hurts for a while.

What To Do If Your Tooth Hurts

What you should do about a painful tooth depends on what the underlying cause is. If there’s nothing actually wrong with the tooth, it could just be as simple as taking some painkillers, and you wouldn’t have to worry about it again.

You’ll have to put more work into it if there’s something actually wrong with your tooth, however. When that’s the case, book an appointment with your dentist as soon as possible. They’ll not only figure out exactly what’s wrong with your tooth, but be able to treat it.

A high-quality dentist informs you of the underlying issue and tells you what needs to be done to make it better. Getting in touch with them is the first thing you should do. It’s possible you could need to wait a few days for your appointment, however.

If that happens, take some painkillers at regular intervals to keep you as comfortable as possible.

Get Dental Treatment From Rose Dental Nashua

If your tooth hurts for quite a while, you could be experiencing one of the above conditions. In that case, seeing a dentist as soon as you can is recommended. They’ll make sure the underlying cause is fixed so you can be pain-free again.

At Rose Dental Nashua, we’re here to get rid of that pain as soon as possible. Whether you need some fillings, root canals, or any other dental treatment, we’ve got you covered. You’ll be back to living a life free from tooth pain, so what’s stopping you from calling us?

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