Why Is A Dental Health Checkup So Important?

Everybody appreciates the benefits of a winning smile, but millions of Americans are still guilty of overlooking the need for regular dental checkups. Visiting the dentist every 6-12 months isn’t only for children. It is a process that you should follow for life.

The dental health checkup is split into two main areas, examinations and cleaning. Both carry a huge significance, which is why you cannot afford to delay the appointment any longer.

The Importance of a Dental Examination

The dental examination part of your health checkup is comprised of several stages. The dental professional will check for cavities as well as plaque and tartar build-ups. The process also includes examining the health of your gums, which includes looking at the spaces between teeth and gums. This is to look for receding gums and oral diseases like gingivitis.

A full and thorough examination can identify problems with your teeth, gums, and general oral health. This allows for a range of treatments to be selected depending on the diagnosis. Some of the common solutions include:

  • Fillings
  • Root canals
  • Tooth extraction
  • Bridges and crowns
  • Implants or dentures

It may also be suggested that you take medication for certain conditions while the dentist will also check the tongue, cheeks, and throat for signs of swelling or abnormalities. This covers everything from minor irritations to cancer and other serious conditions that require immediate action.

The dental examination is ultimately a process that provides you with identification of any oral health problems as well as guidance towards the right treatment. Better still, it provides peace of mind.

The Importance of a Dental Clean

The second part of the dental checkup is to have your teeth cleaned. You should already be cleaning your teeth twice daily and use both mouthwash and floss. However, even great dental hygiene cannot match the benefits of professional dental cleaning.

Professional cleaning from your dental specialist will include scaling to remove any hardened tartar, as well as tooth polishing to restore the natural whiteness of your teeth. This removes surface stains and produces a level of improvement that no amount of home cleaning could achieve. When leaving the dental practice you will notice that:

  • Your teeth feel cleaner than ever.
  • Your teeth look whiter and brighter.
  • Your gums feel cleaner.
  • Your confidence has improved.

The dental cleaning process is vital for your health, image, and general life, which is why an annual clean (or perhaps biannual appointment) should be considered essential. Anything less could leave you open to a host of problems and, consequently, some very expensive treatments. As such, it can be seen as a financial investment too.

It’s never too late to take control of your dental health, and regular checkups are a key ingredient in the recipe for success.

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